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Moral Literacy Cultivation Strategies for Preschool Education Students

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.176


Shuwen Yang

Corresponding Author

Shuwen Yang


With the continuous reform and advancement of education in China, in the process of preschool education, teachers should pay more attention to guiding students' comprehensive quality, cultivating and improving students' professional quality, strengthening students' own construction and perfecting so that students can have excellent in the future. Moral literacy to teach and teach. In the process of teaching, teachers should teach and educate people, respect students' personality traits, and understand the students' learning level so as to carry out targeted teaching guidance. It enables students to generate self-confidence in student education and learning, and actively establish correct learning concepts, thereby improving their moral literacy and better laying a good foundation for future study and life. This paper analyzes and explores the moral literacy of preschool education students.


Preschool Education, Student Literacy, Training Strategy