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Discussion on the Content System and Strategy of Competitive Aerobics Sports Training

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.173


Sun Wei

Corresponding Author

Sun Wei


With the rapid development of China's economic level and scientific and technological level, sports teaching has become one of the main targets of the whole society. The so-called competitive aerobics, which mainly refers to a way to show the athlete's own movement level by relying on the relevant difficulty movements under the accompaniment of related music. Because such sports have a strong speciality, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive study to improve the overall quality of classroom teaching, and then to train more outstanding talents with comprehensive qualities. This article will explain the main concepts of competitive aerobics, explore specific training content and related methods, and provide some reasonable insights on the content that needs attention.


Competitive aerobics, sports training, content system, strategy, research