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Analysis on the Construction of Hotel English Learning Model Based on the Concept of Flipping Classroom

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.145


Jingxian Li, Li Yin

Corresponding Author

Jingxian Li


The Hotel English course aims to cultivate talents who can adapt to the trend of internationalization of the hotel industry. Therefore, qualified hotel employees must have good cross-cultural communication ability and cultural quality and other professional qualities. With the continuous advancement of educational reform, turning over the concept of classroom teaching mode has become an important research direction of higher education reform. By analyzing the characteristics and teaching status of hotel English, this paper analyses the problems and teaching programs of hotel English teaching under the background of information technology, so as to provide more opportunities for future hotel students to develop. The aim is to improve students' learning style and enhance their comprehensive ability. Emphasis on the process of student learning, focusing on the integration of students' abilities, advocating the collaboration of students' learning methods, and ensuring the electronicization of students' learning and practice. According to this model, the teaching design and practice of the English course of educational technology is carried out, and the suggestions for effectively applying the model are put forward. It has certain reference significance for solving the problem of curriculum teaching, improving teaching quality and promoting teaching reform.


Flipping Classroom, Hotel, English Learning