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Strategies to Enhance College Student Happiness Index

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2017.04


Yunheng Zheng, Xinhua Yao

Corresponding Author

Xinhua Yao


College Student happiness is not only affected by internal subjective factors, but also by external objective factors. Such as personality, self-efficacy, cognitive model, coping style and other subjective factors, health status, economic status, family status, life events, social relations and other objective factors, factors mentioned abovewill affect the subjective well-being of College students. Happiness is the basic purpose and final pursuit of life of college students. How to face the phenomenon of lack of happiness index among college students has become an important topic of promoting the well-being of college students in higher education, therefore, this paper proposed some effective strategies to enhance college student happiness index by means of survey analysis.


Happiness, Strategy, Index, College students.