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Innovation and Exploration of Diversified Practice Teaching Model for Medical Laboratory Specialty

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.127


Meng Li, Yuan Ren

Corresponding Author

Meng Li


Internship is a process of testing students' knowledge. Efficient practice helps students integrate into society as soon as possible. In the process of practice, students know clearly the application of the major they have learned. As far as laboratory specialty is concerned, the management and requirements of interns in hospitals are different from those of teaching activities, and there is a great difference between them. In order to facilitate students to recognize their own deficiencies, improve their efficiency, and carry out a variety of internship programs, the student internship process is more scientific and reasonable. This article mainly takes the diversified practice as the starting point, discusses the areas that need to be improved in medical practice teaching, attaches importance to setting the internship link, and enhances the students' comprehensive ability.


Medical laboratory specialty, Diversified practical teaching, Innovation and exploration