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General Practitioner Training Status of Heilongjiang Province and Needs Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.119


Wei Hongjuan, Zhang Yingyan

Corresponding Author

Wei Hongjuan


Objective: To explore the current situation and demand of general practitioner post training, and to provide basis for formulating corresponding training strategies and methods. Methods: Quantitative and qualitative methods were used to investigate the training status and needs of 400 general practitioners who participated in theoretical training in 144 community health service centers, service stations and 203 township hospitals in 13 cities of Heilongjiang Province. Results: After the questionnaire survey, the ratio of male to female, education and professional title of the general practitioner was relatively reasonable. The general practitioner was satisfied with the training content, training and teaching, organization management and training effect. Conclusion: The Heilongjiang Provincial Government attaches great importance to the training of general practitioners. The training units have continuously improved the training mode to meet the needs of trainees, and timely adjusted the training methods to achieve better results.


General practitioner, General practitioner transfer training, Training needs, Effect evaluation