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Research on the Evaluation Index System of College Specialty under the Background of "Double-first-class" Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.118


Zeng Xueli

Corresponding Author

Zeng Xueli


With the introduction of the "double first-class" construction scheme and implementation measures, domestic universities have made great efforts to promote reform, which objectively urgently needs a scientific and reasonable professional evaluation system as a guide, which gradually achieves "first-class" through the development of connotation and characteristics. Firstly, this paper explains the connotation of the professional evaluation index system, reviews the relevant research status, and puts forward the basic basis for the establishment of the professional evaluation index system based on the double-first-class construction. The overall framework of the evaluation index system including professional training programs, teacher level, teaching conditions, teaching management, quality of personnel training and professional characteristics was established. According to the system framework, using the Delphi method, combined with the establishment of the basis, the final construction of a professional evaluation index system including six first-level indicators, 21 second-level indicators, 50 three-level indicators, and suggestions for professional construction.


Double-first-class universities, Professional evaluation of colleges and universities, Index system