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Challenge and implications of open government—A survey of Shandong Province

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2017.73


Wei Wang, Yikai Liang, Ke He, Yiming Liu

Corresponding Author

Yikai Liang


Open government is of great significance for the government to establish efficient and transparent government service. Some developed countries over the world have paid great attention to open government, and developed some relevant policies and regulations about the open government. In order to further improve government transparency, China’ center government also keep pace with this open trend. Therefore, using the investigation method and taking Shandong Province as an example, we organized open assessment working group to assess the Shandong provincial government departments and the municipal government in 2016 and analyzed the result. Then, we find the challenge existing in the present stage, and put forward some implications for improvement.


Open Government, challenge, implications, local government, China.