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Application Strategy of Micro-course in College Physical Education Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.113


Xueyan Li

Corresponding Author

Xueyan Li


With the rapid development of information, the “micro” storm has also swept through people's lives, such as Weixin, Weibo, microfilm and so on. In this micro-era, our curriculum also follows the trend of the times, micro-lessons also conform to the rapid information age. The form of curriculum mainly focuses on students' practice, which combines practical curriculum with information concept of micro-course. By exploring the development and utilization of micro-course in College Physical Education teaching, we can effectively improve the level of College Physical Education teaching, and then achieve the established goal of physical education teaching. The research shows that the micro-courses are characterized by fragmentation, emphasis, interactivity, and reusability. The micro-courses are fully applied to the students' needs research, physical education curriculum design, physical education teaching and after-school tutoring, and physical education sharing modules. In other aspects, students' interest in learning is stimulated, and students are actively involved in learning, thus innovating traditional physical education models and improving the effectiveness of physical education.


Micro-class, Colleges and Universities, Physical Education Teaching