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Research on Cultural Management in Teaching Quality Management of Colleges and Universities Based on Case Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.110


Fang Tian

Corresponding Author

Fang Tian


The fundamental purpose of teaching quality management in Colleges and universities is to improve the quality of education and teaching and achieve the training objectives. As an important part of teaching in Colleges and universities, the scientific and effective management directly affects the quality of teaching in Colleges and universities. Based on the practical experience in University management, this paper expounds the significance of case teaching quality management thought and core concept in university teaching quality management and how to integrate and apply them. To excavate the theoretical basis of teaching quality management, from the concept of teaching quality, theoretical framework, quality culture to extend, studies have shown that in cultural management, it is necessary to correctly understand and deal with the relationship between cultural identity and cultural differences, cultural inheritance and cultural development. To focus on the construction and practice of teaching quality assurance and monitoring system, as well as the reform and innovation of student training mode and key links of teaching process.


Case Teaching, Teaching Quality in Colleges and Universities, Cultural Management