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A Study on the Cultivation of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents for English Majors under the Background of Double Creativity

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.099


Duan Lixian

Corresponding Author

Duan Lixian


In view of the demand of economic construction and social development for the cultivation of compound talents, the author takes English major as the research object and explores the training mode of innovative and entrepreneurship talents. The study finds that due to the lack of innovation and entrepreneurial knowledge, the phenomenon of enthusiasm and excess effect is unsatisfactory. It is urgent to explore and establish a college student entrepreneurship education system suiTable for students' needs. It also shows that cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talents is a requirement of contemporary higher education, an important embodiment of implementing quality education, a necessity for sustainable development of social economy, and a trend that is in line with the international talent training model.


Double Creative Background, English Major, Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents Training