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Research on the Construction of College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Guidance Service System Based on School-Enterprise Cooperation Model

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.098


Bin Liu

Corresponding Author

Bin Liu


In the new era, the higher education has ushered in a new development trend. The development measures proposed by the CPC Central Committee, such as changing the mode, adjusting the structure and promoting the upgrading, put forward new demands for the innovation and Entrepreneurship of colleges and universities. Under the mode of school-enterprise cooperation, enterprises, as an important part of innovation practice activities in Colleges and universities, have become the development channels to improve students' innovation ability and practice level. It is an ineviTable choice for higher education reform and development for college students to carry out entrepreneurship education centered on innovation and entrepreneurship, vigorously cultivate students' innovative ability and practical ability, and improve the market competitiveness of graduates' employment and entrepreneurship. The market environment has gradually developed and competition has become increasingly fierce. In the gradual development of the market economy, economic development requires that college students be linked to the needs of enterprises. This paper explores the development significance, main problems and strengthening strategies of the innovation and entrepreneurship education model of colleges and universities under the school-enterprise cooperation mode.


School-enterprise cooperation, College students, Innovation and entrepreneurship, Education and guidance