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The cultural logic of Shilin Yi nationality Folk Therapy

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2017.71


Zhao Ying

Corresponding Author

Zhao Ying


Shilin Folk Therapy of YI Nationality, as a concentrated expression of the ethnic culture of Chinese medicine, has a distinct regional and national character . In the field of medical anthropology, folk therapy has both religious and cultural values. and that emphasizing the importance of "harmonious relationship between patients and healers" and "believable explanation for what causes illness". Through extensive fieldwork, the author finds that Shilin Yi nationality folk therapy practice is closely related to the relationship between relatives and social network. The physical, mental, and social efficacy are significant factors in driving local people to believe and adopt folk therapy. In this paper, the author thinks that Folk therapy has a profound influence on the Yi nationality and the local society.


Shilin Yi Nationality, folk therapy practice , cultural logic.