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Analysis on the Reform of the Biblio-information Selective Dissemination in University Library based on Network Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.094


Qing Ma

Corresponding Author

Qing Ma


Since the implementation of quality education in China, the field of scientific research has developed rapidly, and the country has paid more attention to the biblio-information selective dissemination in university libraries. Its key work is mainly to obtain users’ research topic information, and through certain literature materials to lay a good foundation for the scientific research personnel's preparatory work, so as to determine the research direction. To a large extent, it can better sort out the research steps and effectively observe the scientific research results to avoid the deviation of different degrees. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out effective innovation in the network environment of the university library's biblio-information selective dissemination, so as to improve the management quality of university library.


Network, University library, Biblio-information selective dissemination, Reform