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Network Language Abnormality of Young Students and Reconstruction of Network Moral Education Discourse

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.092


Lijie Wang

Corresponding Author

Lijie Wang


After the birth of the Internet society, the construction of teenagers'Internet moral education has not kept pace with the development of Internet technology. From the perspective of the development of morality, the impact and pressure brought by the emergence of the Internet on moral progress is unprecedented. With the increasing popularity of the Internet in University campuses, the impact of the Internet on College Students'behavior norms, value orientation, political concepts, physical and mental development, ideological and moral education is expanding. Although cyberspace has its own particularity, it must also be consistent with the basic value pursuit of the real society. This paper starts with the current situation of college students' network ethics, analyzes the reasons for the contemporary college students' network morality, and then explores measures to strengthen the contemporary college students' network moral construction. As a scientific system, it is necessary to incorporate network moral education into the category of school moral education and build a network moral education system for college students. Combining technology management and network ethics education, the two online education modes go hand in hand.


Network, Value Orientation, Ideology and Morality, Moral Education