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Study of EDIUS Application Skills on the Film Production

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2017.70


Zhu Ding

Corresponding Author

Zhu Ding


The rapid development of computer technology, making non-linear editing technology came into being. Through the non-linear editing software we can make the video editing more convenient and fast, so that the linear editing technology gradually replaced the linear editing technology, video editing plays an important role. Non-linear editing software Edius5.0 with its powerful video editing capabilities, non-linear editing of video clips plays an important role. This article briefly describes the definition and characteristics of the nonlinear editing technology, the author introduces the function of the software Edius5.0, and then follow the "editing material - cutting material - special effects editing - audio editing - subtitle creation - video output" , detailing how to use Edius5.0 software for non-linear editing of video.


EDIUS, Film Production, Application Skill.