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Research on the Reform Path of Higher Mathematics Teaching Method Based on the Embedding of Mathematics History

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.084


Tang Fengling

Corresponding Author

Tang Fengling


It is imperative to reform the teaching of higher mathematics. It is an effective method to add the history of Mathematics under the condition of stabilizing the basic content. This paper probes into the infiltration of mathematics history education into higher mathematics teaching. This paper expounds the significance and function of the history of mathematics in Higher Mathematics teaching. According to the investigation and research, the teaching design integrating the concept of mathematics history is given, and the effect is tested in the classroom. The purpose is to provide reference and reference for teachers to integrate mathematics history into the mathematics teaching curriculum. Studies have shown that the history of mathematics is not only a magical moral education textbook, but also greatly stimulates students' sense of mission to learn advanced mathematics and enhances the interest and motivation of higher mathematics learning. The cultural role of mathematics development, the application of the development of mathematics, and the full play of the educational function of the history of mathematics.


History of Mathematics, Higher Mathematics, Courses, Teaching