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Difficulties in Poverty Control in Deep Poverty-stricken Areas

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.083


Wang Shiyou

Corresponding Author

Wang Shiyou


Eliminating poverty, improving people's livelihood and ultimately achieving common prosperity are the essential requirements of socialism and the original intention of our government's active participation in poverty control. However, in the process of poverty alleviation in deep poverty-stricken areas, the government-led poverty alleviation model is also facing many practical problems, such as great pressure on poverty alleviation, unequal power and responsibility of grass-roots governments, and insufficient joint efforts in poverty alleviation. In the long run, the government should take advantage of the opportunity to fight poverty. Create conditions for the development of deep poverty-stricken areas, stimulate the endogenous motivation of the poor and unite the social poverty alleviation. Thereby improving the overall poverty and deep poverty of the region.


Deep poverty, Poverty management, Government, Targeted poverty alleviation