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Thoughts and Strategies for Improving the Quality of Eliminating Poverty in Deep Poverty-stricken Areas

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.082


Hao Aoya

Corresponding Author

Hao Aoya


Deep poverty-stricken areas are the key and difficult points to overcome poverty. We should ensure that the poor people in this area get out of poverty steadily without returning to poverty, and that their self-development ability is constantly strengthened. Developing conditions in poor areas are constantly improving, and improving the quality of poverty alleviation is the key. In view of the realistic factors that may restrict the quality of poverty alleviation in the deep poverty-stricken areas, such as the difficulty of stably increasing the income of the poor, the high vulnerability of poverty, the low level of public services, and the relative insufficiency of industrial support. The author advocates the opportunity of economic and social development and national policy support to improve the development potential of poverty-stricken areas by improving the level of social security and public services. Measures such as the development of special industries, gradually improve the local development, and enhance the self-development ability of the poor, so as to improve the quality of poverty alleviation.


Deep Poverty-stricken Areas, Poverty Elimination Quality, Vulnerability, Public Services, Characteristic Industries