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Research on College English Teaching Strategies in the New Media Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.076


Ping Zhao

Corresponding Author

Ping Zhao


The rapid development of information technology has led us into a new era of new media. Using the new media theories and methods that are being developed, it is of great significance to promote the construction and application of foreign language teaching resources in colleges and universities. The rational use of new media in English teaching can help to improve college students' interest in English learning, enrich English teaching mode, and improve the efficiency of English teaching. Therefore, this paper first analyzes the problems existing in the traditional English teaching mode, and on this basis points out the opportunities brought by the new media for college English teaching, and from the rational use of flipping classrooms, strengthening the sharing of teaching resources, using new media to develop personality In the aspect of English teaching, this paper explores the strategies of college English teaching reform under the new media environment.


New media, College English teaching, Strategy research