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Research on Multimedia Teaching of Physical Education Class Based on Online Physical Education Curriculum Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.073


Duan Liang, Qu Yuexin, Zhang Shuo

Corresponding Author

Duan Liang


Multimedia courseware has the characteristics of interaction and intuition that cannot be replaced by traditional teaching methods. It can play an important role in stimulation. Excellent physical education courseware can create realistic situations and stimulate students' interest in learning. It has a multiplier effect on improving the efficiency of classroom teaching. The text influences the teaching effect by studying colorful multimedia means, enabling students to practice what they have learned in a safe and controllable environment. This can optimize physical education classroom teaching, stimulate students' sports motivation and interest, deepen students' understanding of action concepts and sports theory knowledge, and have important significance and effect on improving the quality of physical education.


Multimedia Teaching, Physical Education Courseware, Teaching Method