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Research on the Importance and Strategy of Games in Pre-school Education

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.072


Xueyun Yan

Corresponding Author

Xueyun Yan


With the continuous development of China's social economy, preschool education has new development requirements in the new era. The application of game teaching in preschool education can not only improve teachers' understanding of children, but also better promote the cultivation of children's divergent thinking. Therefore, the teacher must combine the actual situation, prepares the sufficient game field and the related game facility; Scientific and reasonable development of the game plan, the correct and efficient organization of children to carry out the game; Innovate and reform the game to provide content and form of the game to meet children's development needs [1]. This paper proposes the significance of game teaching to preschool education, and then studies and analyzes the specific application strategies for reference of relevant personnel.


Pre-school education, Game teaching, Importance, The application strategy