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Research on the Application of Micro-course in the Teaching of Higher Vocational Mathematics

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.069


Mao Tianmei

Corresponding Author

Mao Tianmei


Higher vocational education should provide services for employment. Higher vocational education belongs to the cultural curriculum. The curriculum content is dominated by monotonous graphics, dry rationality and concept. In order to realize the connection between cultural courses and professional courses, students' job competitiveness and adaptability can be improved. In view of the fact that micro-courses can create a pleasant, harmonious and harmonious mathematics learning environment, make up for the lack of students' basic knowledge, explore the potential of mathematics, and enhance the will and motivation of learning. To develop mathematical thinking and mathematical literacy. Therefore, this research is based on the study of the habits of students, the foundation of mathematics, and the ability to supervise the micro-courses, and the use of comprehensive and multi-disciplinary teachings to make micro-classes, focusing on the application of micro-courses in the teaching of higher vocational teaching.


Application, Micro-course, Teaching, Higher Vocational Mathematics