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Research on the Role of Water Conservancy Technology Innovation in Improving Water Conservancy Management

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.068


Lei Gang

Corresponding Author

Lei Gang


Water conservancy projects are closely related to people's daily lives. The construction of water conservancy projects can improve the utilization of water resources on the one hand, and improve the quality of life of people on the other hand. The continuous development of the society promotes the water industry to progress to a higher level, and also puts forward new requirements for the development of the water conservancy industry. The person in charge of the water conservancy industry should strictly regulate itself and improve management capabilities. The water conservancy technicians should constantly improve. The level of technology stimulates innovative thinking. The water conservancy project has developed rapidly in recent years, and the new development of water conservancy construction has greatly improved the management efficiency of water conservancy projects. Therefore, water conservancy projects should strengthen technical input, develop ways to promote, and improve water management capabilities. This paper starts with RTK technology and analyzes the effect of this technology on hydraulic engineering.


Role, Water Conservancy Technology Innovation, Water Conservancy Management