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Virtual Industrial Robot Palletizing Workstation Based on Augmented Reality Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.067


Wang Wei

Corresponding Author

Wang Wei


In view of the defects of expensive equipment, complicated structure and safety risks in the experimental teaching of industrial robots, this paper proposes the use of augmented reality technology in the experimental teaching of industrial robots for the construction of virtual industrial robot workstations. In this paper, taking the existing industrial robot palletizing workstation of Southeast University Chengxian College as the actual object, first of all, it analyzes the teaching contents that cannot be completed in the existing practical experiments, and formulates the main contents of virtual experimental assistant teaching. Secondly, 3ds Max modeling software is used to build a 1:1 three-dimensional virtual simulation model according to the actual industrial robot palletizing workstation. And then the virtual interaction is realized by programming based on the Unity 3D software development platform. Finally, through scanning and touch operation of specific identification maps, multi-angle, authentic and three-dimensional display of the virtual simulation model of the industrial robot palletizing workstation is realized on the mobile device, to assist practical experimental teaching. With the integration of augmented reality technology into the experimental teaching link of the industrial robot palletizing workstation, a new model combining virtuality and reality can be created to solve the bottleneck of the industrial robot experiment teaching.


Augmented reality, virtual simulation, industrial robot, palletizing