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A Preliminary Study on the Nature of Game Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2017.67


Husheng Pan, Chenjie Guo, Yuehua Chen

Corresponding Author

Husheng Pan


Since the birth of humans, the game has become a common phenomenon of humans and a basic part of life. Especially in human childhood, the two are inseparable, just like body and shadow. But what exactly is a game? At present, there are many statements on the nature of game concept in domestic and foreign academic circles, but they haven’t formed a common and unified understanding. In this paper, we attempt to interpret the nature of game concept from two perspectives, i.e., the origin and etymology of Chinese and foreign games. We consider that the gift of freedom, the spirit of competition and the behavior of play, etc. can be regarded as basic semantic elements of “the nature of game”. But from a broader scope, as long as people treat life with a game attitude, life is actually a game.


Game, Concept, Nature.