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A Study on the Education of Common Values of Singapore from the Perspective of Legalization

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.048


Bo Feng

Corresponding Author

Bo Feng


Singapore's rule of law model of social governance has the main characteristics of scientific legislation, strict law enforcement, independent judiciary and law-abiding by the whole people. To achieve self-innovation and sublimation in the integration of Singapore's common values in the perspective of legalization. Continuous improvement of the soft power of national culture in practice constitutes a general law of the construction of certain social core values, and the effective path of the ruling party's leadership, government-led, social identity and citizen practice.It is an important revelation that Singapore’s successful experience in nurturing and practicing its shared values is left to us. Adhere to the practice of educating people, using activities as a way to promote common values, and promote the transformation of common values from theory to practice, and achieve the broad recognition of the people. Summarize and refine Singapore's successful experiences and useful practices in promoting shared values.


Rule of Law Perspective, Singapore, Common Values