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Research on Computer Software Teaching Model in Higher Vocational Education Based on Interactive Multimedia Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.045


Liao Menghu

Corresponding Author

Liao Menghu


With the continuous reform and development of higher vocational education system in China, interactive multimedia model has been better applied, and also plays a better role in the whole education system. Especially in the teaching of computer software, the application of this teaching technology can significantly ensure the effectiveness of teaching, guide students to learn independently, and ensure that all kinds of knowledge can be truly mastered by students. This paper first expounds the application advantages of interactive multimedia teaching. Then, on the basis of defining the current computer software teaching in higher vocational colleges in China, it comprehensively discusses the teaching mode of computer software in higher vocational education based on the interactive multimedia teaching from four aspects: stimulating students' interest in learning, fully reflecting students' principal position, strengthening communication between teachers and students, and giving full play to the functions of electronic whiteboard.


Interactive multimedia, higher vocational colleges, computer software, teaching mode