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Research on the Construction of Online Courses of Public Security Major under the Background of Internet +

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.044


Xu Wang

Corresponding Author

Xu Wang


In the era of explosive growth of knowledge economy, the cycle of knowledge change between old and new is shortened, and the knowledge reserve of high-quality talents can be directly transformed into value output in a short time. In order to cultivate more knowledge-based talents who can master high and new technologies and create values, the public's demand for more extensive and high-level education has reached an unprecedented height. However, traditional educational resources and models are far from meeting the training needs of a large number of new talents in the era of knowledge economy. It has become an urgent problem for the construction of the major of public security to have a correct understanding of the discipline characteristics of public security, to scientifically plan the development path of the major of public security, and to effectively strengthen the construction measures of the major of public security.


Internet +, Public security school, online courses, Construction, education