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Research on the High-quality Development of Vocational Education Based on the Integration of Industry and Education

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.033


Weili Yang

Corresponding Author

Weili Yang


At the National Education Work Conference in 2019, Chen Baosheng, Minister of Education, proposed to launch a project of integration of production and education which can make vocational education closer to industry and let more students enter enterprises. The plan, the construction of high-level vocational schools and specialties with Chinese characteristics, can build a number of high-level vocational schools with Chinese characteristics and world-class specialties and encourage high-quality companies to set up high-quality vocational schools. By changing the traditional mode of higher vocational education and promoting the integration of industry and education and the cooperation between schools and enterprises, we can make vocational education become an educational system with Chinese characteristics.


Vocational education, integration of industry and education, high-quality development