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Literature Review on Tennis Education Based on Citespace

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DOI: 10.25236/iwedss.2019.032


Zongwen Yan, Zhili Wen, Baozheng Luo

Corresponding Author

Zongwen Yan


With the increasing recognition of tennis in the world, tennis has gradually been promoted from the world’s sports venues to people’s daily sports venues, and people’s cognition and love for tennis have been further deepened. Tennis has been incorporated into the school sports teaching in our country, and had a good development in all kinds of schools. Therefore, tennis education has become a new topic of actual research value. Based on hownet and domestic literature, this paper applies the citespace software to carry out the research. On the basis of data output results and analysis conclusions, the authors intend to arrange researches on tennis education comprehensively, dig the commonness and individuality of the research papers, to draw a tennis education core research point, and make predictions on the future research trend.


Tennis, education, citespace