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Connotation Analysis and Public Cognition of Social Justice and the Appeal of Vulnerable Groups

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2017.62


Yadi Wang

Corresponding Author

Yadi Wang


Nowadays, the attention and realization of social justice has become one of the important issues in building a harmonious socialist society. But in reality, the realization of a "fair society" takes a long way to go. "Vulnerable groups" has a large proportion of the members of the society. It not only impedes social justice, but also affects social stability and development. This paper first analyzes the connotation of social justice from several different perspectives. Then it discusses the public cognition of the status quo and future trends of social justice through the network survey. Finally, from the perspective of vulnerable groups, this paper expounds the psychological appeal of this key group to social justice.


Social Justice, Connotation Analysis, Cognitive Psychology, Vulnerable Groups, Psychological Appeal.