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The Construction of Yakshas in Chinese Religious Paintings, Statues and Classics

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2017.61


Xiaodong Li

Corresponding Author

Xiaodong Li


The investigation of the semantic evolution of Yakshas and the reasons why the word "Yaksha" occupies the monopoly status of the discourse; the narrative tendency of Yakshas in mystery texts of Tang Dynasty; Chinese native Buddhist paintings, statues focused on shaping the positive and negative image of the Yaksha while the narration in classics reflected the status symbol and self-identity of ancients, the explanation of life and the universe, the ethic and values, the cognition of Yakshas and the conflict between farming and nomadic civilization, etc. The construction of the two aspects formed the native Yaksha culture; The native Yaksha discourse is a part of metaphysical cognition and imagination. It is the reflection of people's spirit and mentality. To some degree, it is also an expression of "evil human nature-power".


Buddhism, Yaksha, Paintings, Statues, Construction.