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Village Official Assistant System

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DOI: 10.25236/icbsis.2019.022


Qian Xie, Bo Ma

Corresponding Author

Bo Ma


Since the 19th CPC national congress, "rural revitalization" has become a hot word in China, and taking the road of rural revitalization has become a new journey of economic construction for the Chinese people. In recent years, more and more college student village officials have come to work in rural areas. Due to the low level of information management, imperfect management mechanism and non-standard management mode, the information construction standard of college student village officials cannot be unified, and their management level is uneven or even independent. All of these makes the repeated accumulation of information resources, the waste management cost, at the same time also appeared in the information resource management at different levels of the department of management software is inconsistent, the problem such as data using the standard is not unified, gradually makes various departments "information island", which affect the consistency and sharing information.


Village official information management system, Village student village official, Sharing type