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Mechanism of action of γδT cells in eczema

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DOI: 10.25236/icbsis.2019.018


Feng Chen, Chuanxin Cui

Corresponding Author

Chuanxin Cui


γδT cells are a subset of T cells. Their TCR is composed of γ and delta chains, which are non-restrictive cells of major histocompatibility complexes. Most of the peripheral blood γδT cells express TCRV γ 9 and V Delta 2, which can kill many kinds of anti-tumor cells. As a special cell subset, γδcells have been paid more and more attention by researchers because of their distribution characteristics and non-restrictive antigen recognition. To explore the role of γδ cells in eczema. It is intended to provide a certain experimental basis for comprehensively revealing the role of γδ cells in the early stage of infection and chronic process. T cells were stimulated with BCG and ESAT-6 to amplify γδT cells, and then γδT cells were purified by flow cytometry, and the antigen-presenting cell phenotype was detected. Studies have confirmed that γδ cells play an important role in the body's anti-infective immunity, anti-tumor immunity, autoimmune diseases and the development of eczema.


γδT cells, Eczema, Mechanism of action