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Evaluation on Application of Medical Statistics Knowledge for Medical Undergraduates Thesis

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DOI: 10.25236/icbsis.2019.016


Liu Shou, Zhang Fabin, Li Bin, Liu Yan, Wang Haijing, Du Wenqi, Wang Zhaofen

Corresponding Author

Liu Shou


Objective: To evaluate the application of medical statistical knowledge among undergraduates of preventive medicine, and to provide suggestions for improving the quality of graduation thesis. Methods: A self-designed questionnaire was used to evaluate 1054 papers of undergraduates from 2003 to 2017. Results: In 1054 papers from 2003 to 2017, the improper use of statistical descriptive indicators and the incorrect use of one or more statistical inferences in statistical inferences were 6.64% and 4.57% respectively. Simple and complex statistical methods were used differently. The main types of medical statistical methods used in this paper were simple (2= 17.32, P < 0.01). There are 6 articles using the R×C 2 test instead of the 2 trend test, accounting for 0.86%, and 38 rank sum test were misused by 2 test, accounting for 5.44%. There were 81 cases of variance analysis misused as t test, accounting for 43.32%. Of 24.09% (53/220) were statistical irregularities or incorrect use of statistics. There were 568 statistical Tables in 1017 articles using unstandardized, accounting for 55.85% (568/1017). Conclusion: There is still a shortage of undergraduate students in preventive medicine who have mastered and applied medical statistics. There are errors in statistical analysis methods and statistical charts or statistical Tables. The teaching and practical application of medical statistics should be strengthened in a targeted manner.


Medical undergraduate students, graduation thesis, medical statistics knowledge