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Research on the cultivation of innovative talents in colleges and universities based on art education -- taking the experimental course of watercolor portrait painting as example

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdai.2018.026


Yang Deling

Corresponding Author

Yang Deling


Cultivating innovative talents is an important mission of higher education at present, and art education in colleges and universities can provide beneficial assistance in many aspects for the cultivation of innovative talents. As an art educator, we should find out the inadequacies in the curriculum in time, adjust the teaching content, and stimulate students' innovative thinking through new teaching practice. Taking the basic course of painting art in colleges and universities as an example, this paper discusses how students can better integrate artistic creation and enhance their artistic innovation ability in the course of sketching. Specifically, by taking the watercolor portrait course of the second year in college as an experimental exploration, a series of progressive training methods were added to the course setting. The teaching effect showed that it could improve students' artistic creative thinking and aesthetic ability.


Art education, innovation, portrait painting, artistic creation, integration, training