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Study on Women and Literature in the Eastern Han Dynasty – A Case Study of Cai Wenji and His " Indignant Poem "

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2017.46


Hongcheng Wang

Corresponding Author

Hongcheng Wang


This paper focuses on the poems of poems and poems written by Cai Wenji and his "poems of Indignant Poem" in the late Han Dynasty, and explores her tragic fate and literary creation to show her personality connotation and literary charm. The tragic fate of Cai Wenji reflects the tragic fate of the broad masses of society, especially women, in the warring society of the Eastern Han Dynasty, and the poems of her works have the narrative nature of self-narrative nature, which is the epitome of the whole era. "Indignant Poem poem" in the Han Dynasty and the whole history of the development of Chinese poetry among the long, have an immeasurable position, the later poetry has far-reaching impact.


Cai Wenji, “Indignant Poem”, Poems.