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Intelligent Medication Management System with Voice Reminder

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdai.2018.018


Xiaoqi Yin, Jiansheng Qian, Liqun Huangfu, Dandan Wei

Corresponding Author

Xiaoqi Yin


The health problems of the elderly are becoming more and more serious. They need to take a lot of drugs. It is of great significance to design the intelligent medication management system for the elderly based on virtual instrument technology, and it realizes the intelligent management of daily medication. In this paper, radio frequency identification technology (RFID) is used to automatically identify target objects and obtain relevant information through radio frequency signals. The whole system adopts RFID and virtual instrument technology to manage daily medication. According to the time of the system, the reading time is compared to the time of medication, and the voice prompts are given in advance. The RFID card reader is used to read the drug label, and the information of the medicine is obtained through the RFID reading and writing module. The correctness of the medicine is checked and the wrong medicine is prevented. Meanwhile, renewing and preserving the medicine records after taking the medicine. The advantage of this medication system is that it is simple to use and the user just needs to scan the code. Moreover, the system adopts audio-visual dual information, which has both voice prompt and text prompt.


RFID, virtual instrument, medication management, voice reminder, barcode, identification