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Thoughts and Methods of Applying Artificial Intelligence in Judge Quota Management

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdai.2018.017


Xin Li, Qingwen Qi, and Xin Tian

Corresponding Author

Xin Tian


Artificial intelligence technology is developing vigorously, but its application in many fields is still in its infancy. For example, in the judicial field, it mainly concentrates on the trial work, resulting in conflicts between science and technology and ethics, efficiency and justice. Therefore, attention should be paid to areas such as trial management where such conflicts do not arise, such as the judge quota management system, which seeks to objectify and rationalize management standards. Based on a large number of judgment documents and judicial resources published at present, through empirical research and interdisciplinary research methods, in this paper, it is tried to construct a judge quota management mechanism, which focuses on the construction of multi-source heterogeneous information fusion mechanism, the establishment of judge business files and case complexity evaluation model, in order to realize the application of artificial intelligence in the key nodes of judge quota management, and finally provide a new direction for the current judicial reform.


Artificial intelligence, judicial reform, personnel quota system, judge management mechanism