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Research on Legal Countermeasures for Artificial Intelligence Risk Prevention

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdai.2018.014


Xiangxiu Wang, Lili Zuo

Corresponding Author

Xiangxiu Wang


The emergence and application of artificial intelligence has greatly changed people's life, study and work, creating tremendous productivity, but also bringing rule, social, governance and moral risks to society. It must be recognized that the necessity of risk prevention is not only an inevitable requirement of social governance, but also an era requirement for the transformation of social contradictions. In this regard, it is recommended that legislation in the field of artificial intelligence should be vigorously advanced, relevant laws and regulations should be revised; in law enforcement, we must grasp the initiative to transform government functions and ensure effective implementation of public policies; judiciary should keep pace with the times to balance the development of artificial intelligence with the protection of legal rights. In terms of law abiding, scientists should be advocated to adhere to conscience in development of universally beneficial intelligent products.


Artificial Intelligence Risk, risk prevention, legal regulations