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Research on Intelligent Management Unified Service Platform of “Internet Plus Agriculture”

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdai.2018.013


Liu Xiaogang

Corresponding Author

Liu Xiaogang


Unified intelligent management service platform based on "Internet plus", all kinds of data and status of crop growth are automatically collected by IOT. On the infrastructure platform and software platform provided by cloud computing technology, the obtained crop growth environment data are analyzed and processed by means of Hadoop ecosystem built by big data. The characteristics and patterns of ML and DL are respectively analyzed and matched according to the data of the crops collected by AI technology. After the unified summary of the results, it will be automatically pushed to the corresponding processing department, and the final processing information will be returned to the farmers serving as professional guidance. This platform is a dynamic and circular intelligent unified management system, which can realize the cross-border integration of information technology and agriculture required by "Internet plus agriculture".


Cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, service platform, internet plus agriculture