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The Time-of-use Price of Electric Vehicle Charging and Discharging based on Monte Carlo algorithm

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdai.2018.012


Yang Man, Zhang Yuzhen, Yang Zhe

Corresponding Author

Yang Man


In order to solve the problem of power balance caused by disorderly charging of electric vehicles(EV) to power grid operation, firstly, taking the electric vehicle in a certain area as the research object, according to the characteristics of charging duration and charging start time, Monte Carlo algorithm is proposed to analyze the daily charging rules of users, and then establish the objective function, simulate and calculate the possible charging characteristics of electric vehicles in various market penetration scales. Secondly, the optimal time-of-use(TOU) price is solved by cuckoo search (CS) algorithm. Finally, Through the example of the actual load of a community, the scheduling strategy can effectively reduce user electricity cost and improve the operation of the power grid.


Electric vehicle, Monte Carlo algorithm, time-of-use price, cuckoo search algorithm