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The Effect of Organizational Responding on Technology Innovation—Based on the Analysis of Chinese Auto-Industry

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.379


Su Jingqin, Liu Chang

Corresponding Author

Liu Chang


This paper uses case study to analysis the effect of organizational responding on technology innovation ability. Based on the background of Chinese auto-industry, we first summarize the specific needs and the evolution of market context that the vehicle manufacturing enterprises embedded in from 1978 till now. Second, we choose FAW and GEELY as the representative of SOE and private enterprise respectively, analysis their responding behaviour to market context, which includes responding type and responding degree. Third, we explain how different responding behaviours influence the development of technology innovation. The results show that the follow-up-type of responding of SOE is not beneficial to the improvement of enterprises’ technology innovation ability, and the pioneering-type of private enterprise has a positive effect.


Organizational responding, technology innovation, transition economy