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Research on the Innovation of Marxist Philosophy in the Age of Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.377


Ge Peirong, Lin Xiaocheng

Corresponding Author

Ge Peirong


In the era of big data, in addition to mastering advanced science and technology, we must also accept the guidance of scientific world outlook, methodology and epistemology. As a scientific world outlook and methodology, Marxist philosophy should actively respond to the profound impact of the data technology revolution on the world outlook, mode of thinking and values of human beings. While solving practical problems, Marxist philosophy keeps pace with the times and enriches and develops its own ideas. Combining with the philosophical thinking of people about big data in modern times, on the one hand, we use Marxist philosophical principles to analyze a series of social, political, economic and cultural problems caused by the data technology revolution, hoping to use scientific philosophical ideas to guide the healthy and harmonious development of the times; on the other hand, we try to deal with them from ontology, epistemology, axiology, methodology and ethics. Making comprehensive research on big data enriches and develops Marxist philosophy.


Big Data, Marxist Philosophy: Ontology, Epistemology, Values, Ethics