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Research on Optimization of Logistics Management Information System Based on Internet of Things

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.371


Wenye Yu

Corresponding Author

Wenye Yu


With the further rapid development of social economy and the proposal of the development goal of modern industry 4.0, China's social development and industrial innovation have entered a new round of competition upsurge. China is one of the world's leading manufacturing and trading powers, which needs a strong logistics industry to support its massive manufacturing and trading system. Technological innovation of logistics industry also plays a crucial role in the transformation and development of related fields and industries. At present, the logistics industry is faced with many disadvantages, such as asymmetric information, unequal status, inconsistent standards and substandard environmental protection, which are difficult to eliminate, making the plight of the traditional logistics industry seriously, hindering its own healthy development [1]. Therefore, it is urgent to optimize and upgrade the existing logistics management information system.


RFID technology, Internet of things technology, wireless sensor network, logistics management information system