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Online + Offline Hybrid Teaching Model of College English Based on SPOC

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.366


Wang Ting

Corresponding Author

Wang Ting


In order to achieve the organic unity of classroom teaching and extracurricular learning of College English, this paper attempts to construct a hybrid teaching model based on SPOC, which integrates online self-learning, offline cooperative learning and mobile ubiquitous learning by providing online curriculum resources of SPOC, with theme, task and program as the driving force. By combining learning resources, learning environment and learning methods, and creating an interactive and all-round language input environment, this teaching model enables students to get rid of a single way of language knowledge input, and strengthens their language use in the process of tasks, thus students’ comprehensive application ability of English can be improved.


SPOC, College English, Online + Offline, Hybrid Teaching Model