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Research on the Training Model of Inter-disciplinary Talents of Engineering English Translating under “The belt and Road”

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.365


Jiang Qian

Corresponding Author

Jiang Qian


Translators with solid translating foundation are the important guarantee for the country's external communication and interaction. Under the background of “The belt and Road” development, the cultivation of English translation talents needs to be adjusted according to the social needs. For example, the cultivation and teaching of talents for engineering translation needs to be reformed according to the new standards. This paper first analyzes the changing trend of the demand for engineering English translators under the background of “The Belt and Road”, and points out the existing problems in the training process of engineering English translators. On this basis, this paper puts forward some suggestions on improving the existing training model from the aspects of training objectives, training contents, training methods and teaching faculty. It hopes to help colleges and universities to cultivate inter-disciplinary engineering English talents who have proficient language ability, professional knowledge and high comprehensive quality.


The Belt and Road, Colleges and Universities, Engineering English Translating, Training model of Translating Talents