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Study on the Crisis and Countermeasure of Rural Red Cultural Relics Protection in Northwest China

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2017.42


Xin Wang

Corresponding Author

Xin Wang


Under the background of urbanization, how to protect the rural cultural ecology and develops the unity of the rural economy as a hot topic in the study of rural planning and construction, more and more attention by domestic and foreign scholars. In view of the problems in the protection of rural red cultural sites in northwest China, this paper combines the general theory of the protection and development of rural red cultural resources and the construction of "beautiful countryside" to explore the rationality and protection of the protection and utilization of the red cultural sites in the countryside Regional cultural landscape formation, improve the old revolutionary base areas of the villagers income for the construction of rural landscape in the northwest to provide constructive suggestions.


Northwest Region, Rural Red Cultural Heritage, Beautiful Village.