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Research on the Construction of Autonomous Learning Model of College English Based on Multimodality

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.364


Jia Chun

Corresponding Author

Jia Chun


As the development of Internet Plus has gradually affected education, it has laid a certain solid foundation for promoting autonomous English learning. How to improve students’ English autonomous learning ability has become a topic of concern for scholars. Based on multimodal and self-learning theory, this paper constructs a multimodal autonomous learning model of college English that adapts to the national conditions of foreign language education. Based on classroom English teaching, this model is student-centered, teacher-led and multimedia-assisted, aiming at cultivating students’ comprehensive ability of college English, which complements each other and combines both within and outside the classroom. This enables college English communication ability to transform from knowledge to skills as well as promotes interaction between teachers and students in college English classroom and beyond.


Multimodal, College English, Autonomous Learning, Model